Sunday, September 25, 2016

D. & R. Park

Building a new home can be a very stressful experience, unless you have a company like Timbercrest Builders. After hearing many horror stories from people, we have been amazed at how positive and stress-free our home building experience has been with Paul Szoztak – President of Timbercrest -  and his Design Assistant, Annie Grill.  This “dynamic duo” dovetail beautifully in both their many years of construction experience and in the comprehensive skill set they offer to their clients.

Paul has an amazing mind for all aspects of construction detail, efficiency, and building codes, while Annie enhances the team with equally strong administrative gifts and design ability. They understand that even with blueprints, building someone’s home is an “organic” process so they are always willing to make suggestions as the process unfolds, yet also gracious if those suggestions are not taken. They are responsive to Emails, calls, &/or texts, and always thorough in their communication. They are also very patient in answering questions or adjusting to the unexpected changes made by either Mother Nature or by clients. In fact, the very positive attitude they both bring to the job makes working with them a real joy. For Paul and Annie, you are not just a client but rather part of their team, working together to make your dream house a reality.

On a personal note, Paul is a man of great integrity and honesty; he is a man you can trust to give you the best work for the best price. Annie also has these same virtues, plus she is not only discerning in design but also a delight to work with- supportive and encouraging. Under their continuous and careful attention to details, our new lake home will not only be beautiful inside and out, but its construction both safe and sustainable. Timbercrest Builders offers you exceptional quality at an honest price; we highly recommend them.

Dale & Miriam Rodlyn Park
Milford PA

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